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Expertly crafted sandals, sophisticatedly wrapped in soft, high quality lambskin. Sandalias may feel snug when new but they do run true to size. After the first few wears the delicate leather will stretch slightly, molding beautifully to the shape of your foot. We do suggest ordering up if you are a half size. The mens sandalias are great for those who find the women's Sandalia's too narrow. 

  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Mens Sizing
(if you are a half size, size up)
US Men's Size 5 = US Women's Size 7
US Men's Size 6 = US Women's Size 8
US Men's Size 7 = US Women's Size 9
US Men's Size 8 = US Women's Size 10
US Men's Size 9 = US Women's Size 11
US Men's Size 10 = US Women's Size 12
US Men's Size 11 = US Women's Size 13
US Men's Size 12 = US Women's Size 14




Care: With exceptional quality and sustainability in mind, the natural patina and occasional imperfections you may notice are due to the intention of preserving each precious remnant of the leather, rather than discarding it. The beauty that comes with the slight variation of any of our leather pieces is part of what makes your beloved Beatrice Valenzuela object, uniquely yours.